Monday, November 26, 2007

Shiner/Transformers/Laundry Monster

This is the up-date on Ezra's "ouch" from the other day. The black eye didn't show up until a couple days later, so here it is the day it showed up as an actual black eye.

Now it's a nice yellowy orange color, but healing fast. It will be gone in a couple of days, hopefully.

We're hoping it will be gone before we do our Christmas pictures.

On the same night as this picture Liam was wearing some pj's with semi trucks on them. For anyone who hasn't seen Transformers, or doesn't have little boys, Optimus Prime is the leader of the good Transformers, and he is also a Semi Truck. Liam thinks that his pj's are from Transformers, and calls them his "Octamus Crime" pajamas. Too cute!

The boys asked for "Love You Forever" tonight (see past post for details on this story) and I had to turn them down. I don't think I'll read that book for at least another year. One of my Mom's friends says that she only reads that book once a year, on Mother's Day, I think I'll copy her tradition!

I walked into Ezra's room the other day and saw this cute little package, and had to take a picture. When I asked him why he was curled up inside his laundry basked he answered very seriously "I'm a monster Mommy." Oh.... of coarse, I should have known.

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