Monday, November 5, 2007

Andy's Birthday

On Saturday we got invited over to the Skinners house for Andy's 3rd birthday! Can you believe little, darling, Andy is already 3? It seems like just yesturday that he was Baby Jesus in our Nativity. Wow! Ezra isn't to far behind, he'll be 3 in February. Kids grow up way to fast!

Vanessa made a delicious squash soup, with amazing flavour, which reminded me of Ratitouille, because Remy (the rat) is always mixing different flavours together, and this was like that. She also made these amazing cranberry muffins, that were nothing short of Heavenly. Mom/Marion made an amaizing chicken salad, and the juice was wonderful... if I do say so myself (Bill and I made it!) It was so much fun, and the food was great! Thanks Vanessa and Jake for a good day!
Happy Birthday Andy!!!
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