Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! We hope yours was as good (and as fun) as ours. We started off our trick-or-treating adventure with a trip to the band (we had to go there anyways) and we showed off our jedi costumes, they gave us tonnes of candy! Next, off to the movie rental store to return Spiderman 3 (Awesome by the way!!!) and they gave us even more candy!!! The local library advertised in the paper that they were giving out candy to trick-or-treaters so we stopped by there and Liam and Ezra got hooked up!!! Next we went to our friends house to pick them up so they could join our adventure. We stopped at a Retired Living appartment complex and showed off our costumes. We took these pictures there. A lot of homes didn't answer, and some did but didn't have candy, but they loved to just look at all the cute kids in their costumes. The people that did have candy gave a lot of it, and one cute lady even took a video of the kids running to her door and showed it off proudly. (She took it with her phone!)
Next we all piled back in the cars and headed back to the library for Mosiah and our friends who hadn't been there yet and we got even more candy. Liam and Ezra waited in the car.
Then, off to the comunity church here that does a big Halloween Bash every year. Free entry and free hot dogs and soda for all the kids. 50 cents a dog for adults, and 50 cents for a pop. They have all the fun games you could imagine (well maybe not all, but lots...) and toys and candy for prizes. They also give the kids free raffle tickets with entry (you can buy adult raffle tickets if you want) and raffle off really cool prizes every half hour. I was standing right beside a lady who one a bike for her 8 year old, she just started bawling and it was so cool!
The hot dogs were delicious, and who doesn't love soda (other than my sister Cheyanne), so we had a blast. They also have a preschool room for kids under 6. The boys threw bean bags and made playdough halloween cookies (that they go to keep), and shot hoops with a beachball disguised as a basketball. They waded in ball pits and did a ring toss. They won really cool prizes and had so much fun!!!
When we were done at the church we headed over to the Subway (eat fresh!!!) parking lot where they were having a trunk or treat and got quite a bit of candy from there even though there was only 4 cars giving out candy (and one business.) Then we headed over to an assisted living home where all the residents were sitting around a big dining room table with big bowls of candy for the kids. They were so sweet, and loved the kids, spoiling them with to much candy. They had this little alligator bowl that you could reach in and get your own candy from (who doesn't love that) and Liam put his arm down and it chomped his hand scaring the poop right out of him!!! Later I tried it and it didn't even work, so I didn't think anything of it when Ezra ran over to grab himself some chocolate. Poor Ezra!!! He jumped about a mile when it chomped his hand! He didn't know if he should laugh or cry, so he just walked away and pretended nothing had ever happened. After that our friends headed home.
We got back in the car and headed over to our church to check out the other wards trunk or treat, but got there just as everyone was driving away. A couple of boys from Bills seminary class were there and they gave the boys candy out of their pockets which I thought was sweet.
When we finished walking around the empty parking lot we headed over to a community with lots of homes and went "trick-or-treating" (official trick or treating - door to door). Well, at least we tried. There were only about 4 actual homes that had candy, so we just packed up and headed back to the community church to end our evening. We played more games, got more free food and pop, and even more candy.
We now have so much candy we don't know what to do, Bill will probably take it to seminary and share.

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  1. Hi, I've finally looked at your blog. I really just love looking at everyone's life. I keep forgetting to tell you that Amber is coming over to teach me some cool tricks that she has done with her blog after playgroup if you want to come over too.