Friday, October 26, 2007

Ezra at the Beach

Below is Ezra running away from the ocean. He is so cute when he runs!

I decided to give the boys their own beach blog entry, because they both had totally different experiences, and both experiences are totally blogable... I think.

First of all, we went on a nice little family vacation to California this month with Nana, Papa, and Auntie Cheyanne. Our first day of fun included Disneyland, but I left the video camera turned on all night and when we got to Disney the camera was 100% dead, so we'll have to post our Disney stuff at a future date, when I get some pics from my family. Now, to Ezra.....

Below: Ezra chasing ocean.

Ezra is a big fan of going to the beach, but he is NOT a big fan of the ocean in general. The cold water is to much for his delicate two year old body to handle, so he is a big time sand player. On this trip we did convince him to run in the water a little bit towards the end, and he loved every second of it. Unfortunatly though, in the last ten minutes of play time he fell in a big wave, landing on his face. Needless to say, he was not impressed, although now he doesn't even remember that. Now he just focuses on the fact that he found a "baby crab."

Below: Ezra after the ocean got him with Nana, Cheyanne and Liam in the back ground.

Below: Ezra with treasured "baby crab".

Daddy Peavoy loves to dig in the sand at the beach and stumbled across a little sand crab. Ezra happend to be close by for the discovery and was so happy to carry it in his hand to show everybody his new treasure. Near the end of our ocean day Papa Tillack found a little shovel and Ezra put his treasured crab in it. Liam also found a baby crab with Daddy, but Liam was much more interested in sand castles and wave jumping then this little creature.

Ezra also filled up buckets of sand for Daddy and Auntie Cheyanne to help make a glorious sand castle, and he was absolutely devestated when the mean old ocean crept up and ate it. Daddy assured him that it would be okay and helped him build another one.

Below: Auntie Cheyanne and Ezra

It was Cheyanne and Daddy who eventually convinced Ezra that it was fun to run towards the ocean when it was retreating, and then run away from the ocean when it chased him. As I mentioned before, this game was fun until the ocean got the best of him and threw him in.

Although there were a few tears today what with crabs that had to go back home to their Mommy's, and sand castles that got eaten by the ocean, and a face full of ocean wet sand, it was a really fun day, and the boys ask me every day when we get to go back to the beach.

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