Monday, October 29, 2007


This is our little buddy Mosiah, Mo for short. Here are a couple of pictures of him in all his cuteness.

Mo's beach day didn't have much beach involved. He mostly stayed in his chair, poor Mo. He wasn't happy about it either.

He did get spoiled by Nana though. He had so many fish crackers he didn't know what to do. And fish crackers make anybody happy (especially me and my boys!!!)

It was to cold to take him in the water, and he's at the eat everything in sight stage, so he didn't get to play in the sand either.

This is Mo when he got his 2nd new bed. It was just a really huge bassinet. He loved it. He was in a smaller one up to that point, and loved to roll around in the big one.

Below is Mo and me hanging out at the skate zone.

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