Friday, October 26, 2007

Liam at the Beach

Liam is a big lover of Disneyland, as am I, AND he loves the beach, so this was one of his favorite trips. He also got to visit with his cousin Koehn, who happened to be the inspiration of "big boy underwear" and "potty training" for Liam... yeah Koehn!

Although most of the pictures are of Liam on the beach, Liam spent most of his beach day in the ocean, jumping over waves, being chased by waves, falling in waves, etc. Most of his pictures are of him building and destroying sand castles because I was in the water with him for most of his water time, and therefore, didn't have the camera.

When Liam wasn't playing in the water he was helping Daddy build sandcastles. Sandcastle after Sandcastle. The ocean would eat one, and then they'd move back and build another. He experimented with the sand that he would fill the bucket with. First he packed ocean wet sand into it, and he found that it worked great. Next he dug down into dry sand and got the wet stuff from under neath and that worked alright too. Then he came up to where I was sitting and filled his bucket with what I thought was dry sand. He took it to Daddy, and amazingly enough it worked too. Apparently he has the magic touch.

Liam's favorite part of the beach though would probably be destroying the sand castles that the ocean didn't get to first. Most of our "Liam's beach day" pictures are of him kicking and throwing pieces of his sandcastle across the beach.

After the beach we all went to my Aunts pool where we showered off and soaked in the nice hot tub. The perfect end to the perfect day.

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  1. I love your blog. It helps me keep up on all my nephews. It looks like they are having so much fun.
    love Aunt Kristy Gee