Thursday, October 25, 2007

Home School Week 2

This weeks theme was "Jungle." The vocab word was vines. Every week I print out the letter of the week and the boys color it and then glue things that start with that letter to it. This week the letter was B, the boys are still in love with the letter A though, and would rather print it then anything else. To help solve this problem we printed the letter B in chocolate pudding... this was both fun and incredibly messy, but totally worth it! The color is green, which goes well with the jungle, and the boys loved coloring pictures of Tarzan. In the pictures, the "nicer" looking colorings (by adult standard) are Ezras pictures that Mommy helped with. The other ones (usually all one color) are Liam's. He is doing very well with his coloring, and has come a long way since school. On "letter day" we will walk around the house and look for the letter on anything and everything that has words, and we play games in the car that help us find letters. The number of the week is 2.
We fit school in whenever we can, sometimes it's after dinner, but most times we do it in the morning. This particular day was right before bed time and the boys were really grouchy so the pictures didn't turn out well.

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