Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Wolff Cubs

Bill's best buddy from back in the day, Kevin Wolff, and his darling little family came down from Canada to visit this last week, so we drove into town to spend a couple of days with them. They have two little boys, Mason and Porter, who are Liam and Ezra's age, and they got along really well. We had so much fun!

Below: Kevin and Elise hanging out on a Kevin's future boat. (Okay, maybe not, but if it was we'd go visit them more.)

We went to the Bass Pro Shop where the kids got to check out Quads that were their size, boats that they could (pretend) drive, guns that they could shoot (again, pretend) and lots and lots of fish, both fresh water, and salt water.

Below: Mason and Porter

Below: Mason and Liam

Below: Ezra on a quad.

Next we went over to the Bellagio to check out the Flower Display, but unfortunatly it was in the middle of being set up for the Christmas season, so we just got to see a lot of construction, although, I thought it was pretty cool. I took a lot of pictures of it coming together, but I decided not to bore you with them!

Below: Mason and Liam looking at the Chocolate fountain.

After we found out the flowers weren't ready we went over to the "Worlds Largest Chocolate Fountain" (still in the Bellagio). The boys thought that was pretty sweet. Then we went outside to see the water show, which is always a blast. (Oh boy, I am on a roll.)

On our second day with the Wolffs we went over to this cute little Christmas village with a "magical maze" for kids, which wasn't very magical (it was just a bunch of ply wood stuck together that you could see right over the top of if you were any taller than Ezra) but the boys still enjoyed it. The Christmas Village also had a place to meet Santa Claus, a Magical Forest (which was very cool), a carosel, a BIG slide, and a choo-choo-train. It was so much fun, and the boys loved it so much!
Below: Ezra, Liam, Mommy, and Mo in a train car.
Below: From top to bottom - Daddy, Liam and Ezra in a giant snowmans belly.

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  1. Thats so fun that you go to hang out with Kevin and Elise, they
    are in our ward! Kevin and my husband are practically dating!