Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trip to Tonopah

I got my Nevada learners permit a couple of days ago, and I couldn't drive alone in the car with the kids, or by myself, even though I've had a license for over 9 years (and I've been driving for 11). The Pahrump DMV is backed up until March of 08 so we called Tonopah to see what their wait time was like. They scheduled me for Thursday (today!). So today Bill, the kids and I all took a nice trip out to Tonopah. We thought it was about an hour and a half away... it turned out to be three hours away, but somehow we still made it on time for my drivers test. I made sure to practice my parrallell park hard with the barrels provided at the DMV in Pahrump,so that I wouldn't mess it up (in Cardston you have to use a real car to parallel park, so barrels were new to me.) I was also quite worried about the 3 point turn that they make you do in the states. So we got there, unbelievabley, a few minutes early, and got everything set up. While I was waiting I asked if they used barrels for their parralel park part of the test and she just laughed at me. "We don't parralell park in Tonopah!" So I was about to ask about the 3 point turn and she's like, "And does it look like we can 3 point turn anywhere out there???" I shrugged my shoulders and she said "We're just going to go for a little drive."

Well, that's all it was. Just a little drive. Two stop signs, two lane changes, one yeild sign, a school zone, and a 25 mile per hour speed limit. Wow. And yet.... some how I still managed to get 4 demerets. I felt so dumb! I got one for stopping a little after the stop sign. And the other for driving with one hand for half a minute. (The little naughty things you pick up when you've driven for a long time.)

Anyways, I got 96% and my first Nevada license today! Yeah!

We went to a little Mexican place, called El Marques, to celibrate, and that's where our pictures come from today!

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  1. your Mom must be beautiful 'cause your children are so cute!