Sunday, December 2, 2007

25 Posts of Christmas

Well, Christmas is fast approaching and I wanted to do some fun, Christmasy stuff with the kids every day, so I thought I'd start a new tradition. I wrapped all the boys Christmas Books, and every night they get to open one book and read it before bed time.
I also have decided to post something cool and Christmasy (maybe) everyday up too Christmas, so it could get interesting.

Last week Santa came to Walmart and the boys got to meet him, talk to him, and get pictures with him. Ezra still doesn't quite get the whole concept of Santa, but he sat on his lap anyways. Liam however, was reciting his list as soon as Santa was in view. The top three things on his list this year are:

1. A "ching ching" sword.

2. A gun that says "pchew!", and

3. World of War Craft.

What????? (The reason for World of War Craft is because he saw Kevin playing it when we went to pick them up from Elise's Uncles house. Now he wants it sooooo bad. Unfortunately for Liam, we can't (don't want to) afford the monthly fee that the game requires... but it's okay, we'll find him something better....)

Anyways, I decided to post the darling pictures of the boys and Santa.

The book we opened today is called "Santa and his Reindeer". It's just a board book with a simple poem in it, but the boys adore it, and were happy to read it together. Ezra got to open tonight so he thinks the book is his. He was very possessive, and he only let Liam look at it on the condition that he (Ezra) got to take it to bed with him tonight. Funny, funny boys.


  1. super cute photos!!! i love your holiday spirit!

  2. if that is what the santa looks like then count me out. could they have gotter a scarier looking Santa. It's a good thing the boys look so cute. I will probably get their photo's done anyway, hope a different santa is on shift when I go.


  3. That is such a cute idea to wrap up a christmas gift! when my kid(s) are older, im totally going to do that!! fun, and doesnt cost money (like everything else around christmas does!). Your boys are so cute & I LOVE the santa photos! I havent even thought about gettin ga photo of rock with santa!! hes probably to young anyways! I'll just stay home, its tooo cold to venture out!!

  4. Such adorable pictures with Santa... although i agree with Vanessa... santa is getting a little bit scarier looking as time goes on lol!!! ( o and in this comment i am commenting on the last couple of posts!) :)
    You have such a beautiful little family that is ALWAYS out and about!! never a dull moment im sure! I love the picture (at thanksgiving) of you and bill!!