Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Coloring Contest

I found this coloring contest in the newspaper, and asked Liam if he wanted to enter, and he totally does. Unfortunately there are only two prizes for each age group, and their are only two age groups. Liam fits in the 4-7 years category. Which means, that his newly acquired coloring skills are going to look like garbage (to a non-Mommy's eye) in comparison to an almost eight year old. Last year Rudy won the coloring contest (First Place - Yeah Rudy!!!), and this year Liam will be entering with him. He probably won't win, but he had a lot of fun coloring his "Candy" house. By the way, the boy's call gingerbread houses "candy" houses. This is Liam's best coloring job ever (usually he works really hard to stay in the lines but only uses one color for his whole picture). It took him about 3 hours totally to color the whole thing.

Ezra also colored a picture, but he is to young to enter. He won't even be able to enter next year, but that's okay. He also had fun, but it didn't hold his interest for near as long as it did Liam's.

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