Monday, December 31, 2007

Letters to Santa

Hey all! I just wanted to post a couple of cute pictures of before Christmas, and then I will do my actual Christmas Post after I catch up. So here we go!

In our town they have a special thing where if you send a letter to Santa he actually replies to you. There is a huge mail box at the post office where Santa picks up his letters, and reads them. This year the boys and I sent letters to Santa. Liam actually wrote his own letter, all by himself (he copied the letters I wrote on a paper). It was really hard for me to send the letter to Santa, because I wanted to keep it, but I took pictures, so I suppose I can survive without it.
Liam's letter to Santa says: "Dear Santa,
I have been good. I want a PSP or a ching ching sword or a gun that says pchew!
Love Liam

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