Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Tag

1. Christmas tree up yet? We don't have our own house, so most of the decorations are not ours, including the tree... But Marion does have her tree up and it is very Victorian and Beautiful. It is also incredibly pink.
2. Any Christmas decorations up yet? All our stockings are hung on the bookshelf with care, the boys want to touch but how can they when they're way up there? We also have some pretty garland hanging around the living room, and the boys room has Christmas lights in it. We have more poinsettias than anyone I've ever met (all fake, but they look very real), and we have a nice little assortment of snowmen from Hallmark and other places.
3. What are you asking for, for Christmas? I asked for Guitar Hero and actually got it, so I guess I got what I wanted this year!
4.What do you usually do on Christmas Eve? When I was a kid we had veggies and dip, crackers and Salomi, and other hand held foods like egg rolls, or chicken wings for our dinner. We watched a Christmas movie, usually the new one in our collection that year, and we wrapped presents. As a new family, and married couple we just do whatever the family we're spending Christmas with is doing. This year will be spent in Canada with my sister Crystal, and her husband Darren, as well as my whole family, so it's up to Crystal this year!
5. What do you usually do on Christmas Day? Open gifts, play with our new toys, have a couple amazing meals, and call everyone in my family.
6. Do you own any Christmas clothes or jewelery? I have two hair elastics with Father Christmas on them. I normally wouldn't wear them, but my hair is in pigtails so I had too....
7. Do you use white or colored Christmas lights? I love both. The boys room has colored lights in it, but I really like plain white for Christmas trees. I guess it depends on what I have at the time.
8. Do you cook Christmas cookies? This year I made mint cookies for the people I visit teach, and I'm going to a party where we're doing a cookie exchange, but I don't think I would make Christmas cookies other than that.... I'm not a big fan of baking.
9. Do you buy Christmas presents for your whole family? Yes I do, every year, as well as for Bill's siblings, but this year we weren't so good in that category, so everyone will have to settle for Christmas cards.
I have no idea what happened to #10
11. Is there a Santa Claus? There defiantly is.
12. Favorite Christmas Carol? I love Angels we have heard on high the most. But really I like all the Christmas songs in the Hymn book. They have the best harmonies.
13. Would you rather it be a white Christmas, or a warm Christmas? Defiantly I white Christmas. I don't like driving in the snow, but I think it is so beautiful, especially on Christmas day.
14. Was last year a good Christmas? It was a good Christmas. I was prego with Mo-Mo, and wanted to burst, but it was a good Christmas anyways.
15. Which Christmas color do you like better? RED or GREEN? Actually, I really don't have a preference, I think I just need them both together.
16. Do you get a real Christmas tree, or is it artificial? If I had my own house I would defiantly have a real tree, they just smell so good! But, I don't have my own house yet, so our tree this year, although it is very beautiful, is a fakey.
17. When you get older, will you get a real or artificial tree? Apparently I got a little ahead of myself on the last one... so as you can probably guess... REAL!
18. Do you hang stockings? Yes we do. They are on the bookshelf this year, because we don't have a mantle.
19. When opening presents, does your family all open them at the same time? We do them one gift at a time. Everyone watches everyone open each present. It takes hours and hours, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
20. What is usually in your stocking? A Christmas orange, some yummy chocolate, a toy gun, some mascara, some other small gifts, and a candy cane.
21. Do you get up early on Christmas day? I would get up at 5:00 every Christmas if I could, but we kind of have this rule that we don't get up until the boys do. We had that rule when I was a kid too, and I remember my Dad would sneak down the hall to our bedroom and yell "Ho, Ho, Ho!" and run back to his room so my Mom wouldn't know that he was meddling.
22. Does your family eat breakfast before or after opening presents? I so can NOT eat breakfast before presents, and yet for some reason we have to every year!
23. Do you have a favorite ornament to hang on the tree? Actually, I made this HIDEOUS toiled paper roll angel back in kindergarten. It has a pink lacey dress, and yellow yarn hair with some sort of halo on it, with a doily for wings. I want to cry every time I put it up, not because of happy reasons, but because it is so UGLY!!! (but I secretly love it... don't tell anyone.)
24. What Christmas movie do you like to watch the most? I just watch as many Christmas movies as I can in a season. I don't really have a favorite, or a must see, but I do love Disney's Christmas Carol, and Muppet's Christmas Carol.
25. What do you like better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.? I love both the same, they're kind of a packaged deal, but if I had to choose, I would go with Christmas because I get to talk to everyone in my family, and see the happiness all over every ones cute face.

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