Monday, December 31, 2007

Ezra's Dentist Appointment

When Ezra fell off his stool a couple of weeks ago he actually broke off a peice of his front tooth inside of his lip (I'm sure you remember the picture of his lip.) Daddy and I took him to the dentist, and the dentist told us all kinds of things that we already knew... good times. Ezra was also the unfortunate victim of bottle rot. (For all Mommy's and Daddy's reading this, don't give your kids bottles at night, this is a very sad thing that happens when kids fall asleep with bottles in their mouths.) Long story short, Ezra needs to have four of his teeth extracted, but the catch is... no body will operate on a kid this small, so we have to go into Las Vegas, where they will operate in the hospital, with him put under. A very costly affair, but we are working on getting a date, and we heard a rumor that because he is so young our medical will cover all of it.... cross your fingers.

Below: Ezra in the big X-RAY chair.
Below: Daddy and Ezra waiting for the Dentist in the "magic chair". They played with all sorts of buttons and switches that I'm sure they shouldn't have been touching, but they had fun!

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