Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally..... Peavoy Christmas Post at the Tillacks

Sorry I'm so behind. It's been crazy here. We drove up to Canada for Christmas and barely made it back in time for the New Year. Then we drove up to Utah on Jan. 3rd for our cousin Clint and Aprils wedding, all of Bills Aunts were there and it was a blast. I have so many pictures and videos, so if any one wants a cd let me know!

First off we'll get started with Christmas...

Right before we left Mo-Mo had a wipe out and landed right on his face. His nose bled for 2 days, and he had a big old scab on his forehead for all of Christmas. He also had a horrible cold, so he looks like he's knocking on deaths door in all of his photos... just a warning.

We got to Canada on December 23rd and went straight to my parents house. The boys got all decked out in snow clothes and went to play in the fresh snow.

They decorated the kids tree in the basement, and then we all got dressed warm and went caroling with my old ward. We all piled into a school bus and drove all around Leavitt and sang to anyone who had a light on in their house. It was so much fun. The bus was so full that severeal people had to sit on laps and there were some people standing! It was Liam's first time on a school bus and he just loved it!

When we got home from caroling Bill had to open up most of his Christmas presents from the Tillack's early because they wouldn't fit in the car! He got a whole collection of star wars vehicles, very cool!

On Christmas Eve we all headed up to Crystal and Darren's house to spend Christmas together. It was really exciting because it was the first time all of my siblings have been together in a really long time. Unfortunately we were all busy having way to much fun to remember to do a group picture, but we have lots of other cool photos. From left to right, top to bottom: Darren and Kym, Crystal and baby (in tummy), Kym and Calvin, Liam and Troy, Calvin, Troy and Calvin, Christmas Dinner.

The boys got a tickle trunk, which for you non Canadians (or non Mr. Dressup watchers) is basically a costume trunk. It was the highlight of Christmas when these two boys got to run in and change into cool costumes and then come and show us. They love their costumes so much!


  1. Too fun! IT looks like you had a great visit, and a wonderful holiday.

  2. Love all the tie dye shirts!! It was fun seeing you and your family in utah. Love you guys!!

  3. What a good looking bunch. I like the shirts too. Cheyanne and her mom did a great job. The kids look like they are having ablast which is what it is all about. Love ya - Mom