Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I just got this voicemail from Marion, that sounded pretty urgent, stating that she left her cell phone in the car and could I please get a hold of Bill, and have him call her manager as soon as possible. Sooooo, I called Bill. Normally when I call Bill it is very quiet in the background, and sometimes he is in the Library and cannot talk so we have a system where he pushes buttons to answer questions. Well today we used that system, but not because he didn't want to disturb the peace, but because it was incredibly loud where he was. It sounded like a band playing behind him. I quickly relayed the message, told him to beep when he was ready for the phone number of Marion's manager, told him the number, and said, "Just call her as soon as you can, it sounds urgent... Are you at a concert?" He beeped once for yes. I thought about googling all of the po-dunk concerts in Las Vegas tonight, but instead I just called Mom's manager to tell him to tell her that Bill would call as soon as possible. He answered this is how our conversation went (this manager has a very thick Indian (I think) accent):
Me- Hi, this is Marion's daughter in law. Can you tell her that Bill will call as soon as he can?
Manager - Oh? Bill already called?
Me- Oh! Okay, is Marion okay?
Manager - Why yes? She is just fine. She just had tickets and had to go.
*ding ding ding( bells going off )*
Me - Oh, okay! What are the tickets for?
Manager - Tony Braxton. Really top quality show.
Me - Thankyou! Have a good night.
So here I am, at home, with the boys wondering what I can do for entertainment, and Bill is being entertained by a very scantily clad Tony. *Jealous*
I'm just kidding. I'm happy that he got free tickets to an $80+ show. I'm sure I'll hear all about it when he gets home!

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