Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Bill!!!

Bill's birthday was on Wednesday, January 16th. We started our day by getting up at 5:00am and heading to his Seminary Class at the church. He went in and I ran to Walmart and grabbed some cupcakes for him and his class. When I came in they all sang to him and then they passed off Scripture Mastery's to earn cupcakes. It was fun.

We came home and slept for a couple hours, and then got up and he opened his presents and we had Marie Calendar Pie for breakfast. (Bill always got pies instead of cakes for his birthday growing up.) Then we drove into the city for the day. We stopped by this restaurant for the boys and then met Vanessa here, where she picked them up and took them to her house for the day. Thank you so much Vanessa (I hear that Ezra acted like the spawn of Satan and drew on your wall.... I'm so sorry). We kept Mosiah with us because he was a little under the weather, and we didn't want her to have to deal with extra dirty diapers.... if you know what I mean. Bill and I went shopping and found some amazing sales. Then we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was awesome, the food was amazing and 3 waiters came and sang to Bill and decorated his cheesecake all cute. We were going to hit a movie theater after, but nothing looked like it was worth $20, so we drove home, picked up the sleeping boys, and came home. I had a blast, and I think Bill did too, which would be good, because you don't turn 32 everyday!!!

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