Thursday, January 17, 2008

Peavoy/Wood/Reeve/Skinner Family Pictures

Note to Reader: if you click on a picture it will make it bigger!!!

Back Row: Bill, Andy, Jake, Marion, Dave, Taylor, McKay (in front of Taylor), Benson, Spencer, Adam. Couch: Kym holding Ezra, Mosiah, and Liam, Vanessa holding Mickey, Kelly, Tasha holding Jasmine, Morgan, Kym, Kayla. Floor: Rudy, Tanner, Joe, Victoria.

While we were at the family dinner in Utah all of Marions kids and their families as well as Marion snuck away and did a photo shoot. Here are some of the best pictures. Thankyou to Carla, Della, and Kristi for helping out!

Grandma and Grandkids




Siblings and Mama


  1. yeah, I was waiting for these for you to post these pics. I haven't seen a one. unfortunatly it was my children that were not cooperating that day. I think they turned out really good for the resources we had to work with. Bad lighting and really ugly background.

  2. The lighting is horrible! But, considering that most of the kids were on their last nerve they did turn out cute. Andy is so cute in the Grandma/Grandkid pictures, where he's crouching beside the couch. If you want I will try to make you a cd of all these pics, there are way more, I just tried to grab the ones that were the most flattering of everyone.