Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm in love with Google Reader

Maybe I'm the last to hear about this most amazing technological creation, but if you don't use it there is no reason to NOT START TODAY!!!! One of the blogs I normally read had a post like this one, so I thought I'd check it out, and now my blog reading is a breeze! If you answer yes to any 2 of the questions below go to Google Reader NOW and get started...

1. Do you spend more than 10 minutes a day just checking to see if blogs have been updated?

2. Do you read more than 10 blogs per day?

3. Do you put "check blogs" on your to-do list?

4. Do you value your time?

5. Do you almost want to hit the computer when you've visited a blog 50 times, and it STILL has not been updated?

So here's how it works. You go to Google Reader. You type in your email and password (the same you use on blogger). You "add subscriptions" (blogs you read) by copying and pasting the addresses in the box. Then whenever you want to check the gazillion blogs you visit a day you simply go to your Google Reader and see what is on your "updated" list. You can read the new post from Google Reader or click the title and go to the actual blog. No more wasting hours and hours checking dead blogs. No more cursing people for not updating. No more having to look at the same stupid header or picture that hasn't changed in months. One click, that's all. Honestly, I'm in love. You should be too.

Often times, I will just see that someone has posted, and instead of reading it in Google reader I will click on it, and read it on the actual blog site, because I like to see the cool backgrounds and stuff. Google reader doesn't show backgrounds, just content, but it still rocks.

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