Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Steps

We got invited over to the Abbiss' for dinner tonight and I brought my camera just in case we did something picture worthy. Cambria noticed it on the counter and gave me a wierd look, then she asked me why I brought it, and I told her sheepishly, "I take it every where."

After dinner, when I was cutting the strawberries for strawberry short cake I heard Bill talking to Mike about Mo and then he said "Walk Mo!" and then all the kids and Bill and Mike started screaming that Mo-Mo did it, so I ran over to where I could see him just as he fell down. Bill stood him up again and he was so excited that he just stood there and clapped for forever, and then.... he lifted one leg, took a step, and fell flat on his face, but that little fall was enough to send the whole group of us into histerics, taking pictures, convincing him to walk for the video feature on my camera, clapping, screaming. He LOVED the attention and was very excited and happy. Congratulations Mosiah! You did it!!!

For Reader: I tried to upload a video, but blogger isn't working for me today, so I will try to post it on another day, when they've fixed the problem. So, hopefully the pictures will do for now!


  1. He is sooooo smart and sooooo cute. I knew he could do it. Unfortunatly, at one point you will probably wished he had not learnt! Love ya, Mom

  2. Too cute! I remember that exciting day with Samantha. Nothing compares to that.