Monday, January 14, 2008

The Peavoy's at Clint and April's Wedding

The Family Dinner - Friday January 4

This was such a fun weekend for us! We got to go up to Utah and hang out with Sandra and Richards family, and attend the wedding festivities for April and Clint. For us it started on Thursday, when we left home. We drove to Mesquite and spent the night at the Oasis. We swam in their heated pool, and had a blast. At 3:00 in the morning Tasha and Dave, and their kids showed up. We ate at the buffet for breakfast and drove up to Utah.

On Friday night there was a dinner at the church, and they had the stage set up with karaoke so that everyone could sing, and dance and have a great time.

Most of the pictures I took are video, but I do have some fun still shots too. Tasha, Della, and Carla.

Kalya, Cherisa, and Laura

Bill and Mosiah

Liam and Spencer

Carla and Kristi

Glenda and Marion

We also took a bunch of family pictures which I will post a bit later.
Wedding Day - January 5
Saturday was the actual wedding, luncheon, and reception. Bill and I volunteered to watch Bill's siblings kids while they went to the wedding at the temple, and the kid free luncheon. It was crazy watching 12 kids in 2 hotel rooms, and we got some weird looks from the house keepers who wanted to clean our rooms, but it was sooooo much fun. After that we went over to the museum at BYU, and then we went to the reception, which was absolutely gorgeous.

It was also Mosiah's first birthday, but we decided to do his actual party a couple days later. We did take pictures with him and the wedding cake, and told him it was his.... he's only a year, do you think he understood?
The museum at BYU was pretty cool too. There were alot of cool stuffed animals and scary insects. The kids all loved it and it was free. Andy and Ezra where all buddy buddy, following each other around and speaking "3 year old." They were so cute. Below: Liam and Ezra checking out the water fountain. Of all the cool things this definatly captured their interest the longest, go figure.


  1. Wow! sure looks like fun! wish i could have been there :(

  2. Oh goodnes! thats spencer i havent seen him forever!! and its also a cute pic of liam and spencer!!

    ♥love ya♥ ♪cheyanne♪

  3. Sounds like it was a great time. The bride's dress looked beautiful! You sure have had a busy few weeks.

  4. Your blog & your kids look so cute! I agree with cwalburger, the bride's dress is really pretty. Sounds like you all had fun!