Thursday, January 24, 2008

Un-Wanted (?) Visitor

We have two cats here, Myrrh and Cinnamon, they've been around since before we moved in. I met Myrrh, as a kitten, a week after I met Bill. Lately though, these two girly girls have decided to add another member to their crew. Most of the family does not approve of this "unwanted" member, but I secretly like her. Like any little girl I feel that I can be the one to "tame" her, but don't tell.

The name theme of the cats around here is of spices, and oils, and exotic essences, so I need a name that suits this grey kitty. Most of the household thinks this cat is a boy, but I have a feeling that she's a girl... I could be wrong, one day I'll get close enough to find out..... or maybe not, but we've got to call her something other than "Scavenger". I've been calling her that because she waits until the girls are done and then swoops in and licks their plates clean, and eats any crumbs off of the ground.

Sooooo, I'm open to any ideas. Got any? Jasmine, and Frankincense have already been used.
The calico is Cinnamon, The black cat is Myrrh, and the grey cat is nameless, help her out guys!


  1. How about Lavender

  2. ooh pretty.... my hubby suggested Spike. Spike is a spice that we use. LOL.

  3. Candice at work suggested Ylang Ylang - Yah Lang -

  4. Love Ylang Ylang. Soo funny to say. Smells yummy too.

  5. I vote Nuku-Nuku. Has nothing to do with spices. At all. But it means cuddle, which is something crutial to the taming of Kitties.