Friday, January 18, 2008

Mosiah Washington Peavoy's First Birthday


Mosiah's first birthday was on January 5th. We were at Clint and April's wedding, so we had his party a few days later with the Skinners, and the Reeve's at the Skinners house. We also gave Vanessa her birthday presents, and Bill got a few as well. We played guitar hero, and Buzz. It was a tonne of fun.

Jake the Rock Star.

Tasha the Rock Star

Vanessa the Rock Star

Dave the Rock Star

Mosiah actually got two cakes. One that we ordered, and one that Walmart gives babies for free on their first birthday. Very cute. Ezra actually ended up dropping the little chocolate one, making it inedible, but it was cute anyways. The one we ordered was a Ratatouille cake. Totally cute. The cake in front of Remy and Emille (the rat brothers) is a little cupcake, which we saved for Mo-Mo. He loved it.

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  1. too cute!! love the cakes!! he is the cutest ever!! and kim.. i think you might be losing it.. you wrote that his birthday was on the 5th. or am i losing it?? i thought it was the 4th. anyway happy birthday to our's so crazy to think that it's been a year! ready for another yet?? jks! we definately need to get these little ones together! next time you are here FOR SURE!!!