Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Face Holes

We had an interesting opportunity in homeschooling the other day, and of course I jumped on it (for to reasons, one being to stop the bawling, and the other being... because any opportunity to learn is FUN!) Ezra came out of the bath bleeding, and crying. I'm sure most of us have done this, (I have 3 scars on my lower back... how about you?) Ezra jumped up to quick in the bath and scratched himself pretty bad. I had my camera nearby (as always) and took a picture so he could see it.
Then Mo wanted to show off his battle wound from an encounter with a metal bunk bed frame.
After that I was explaining how we can't normally see our own backs, and that went into... what else can't we see? Well, we can't see our ears...
Ezra wanted me to stick the camera right in his ear and laughed very hard when he saw this!
I then explained that it's way to dark inside your ear to see anything, got his permission to back up a little, and took this picture, which he also laughed really hard about.
We can't see our eyeballs...
We can't see our tonsils...
We can't see our nostrils!!!
- Side note, we were showing Grandma our pictures the other day and she was a little disturbed when she saw the noses. Bill pointed out who each kid was and then asked her on my picture "And who is this?" She thought for a second and answered "Miss Piggy!!!" Thanks Mom!!!

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