Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tone Reunion Part #2 - West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall was so much fun! It was awesome when I was a kid, and I thought maybe I just blew it up in my memories, but after spending a day there, I knew my memory served me correctly. I have a billion pictures of Ezra, Mo, and Obi, but not so many of Liam, because he was gone the whole time on the water slides. Liam went on every single water slide, even the ones that a lot of the adult males won't go on.

Below: Liam on a waterslide, this is literally the only kind of picture I could find of him! We went to the water park with the Skinners, The Reeves, Kelly, Della, and Grandma. We met up with Arlene, Niel and Mattea, and we all had a blast!!! After a while everyone left the water park to go shopping except for us. We stayed at the water park until we had to leave to get back to the camp. As it was we barely made it back to the camp before they shut the doors!

Obi took a little nap for a while, and when I glanced over this is what I saw...We did leave the water park for about an hour to catch some of Bill and I's favorite restaurant, The Olde Spaghetti Factory, but we came back, full stomaches and all to finish out the fun. We did the tube slides and rides for the last hour and that was awesome. Everyone just ditches their tube rentals when they leave, so we had our choice of about 8 billion tubes, and we made good use of them!!!

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