Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Liam!!!

Well, my little Baby turned 6 today! I can't believe it's already been that long! 6 years ago out popped the most beautiful baby I had ever seen (okay, it wasn't that easy, I'll admit). He was born a sweety and he still is! He has the softest heart. When he was 2 if you told him "No!" he would just break down and cry like he had just robbed a bank. He is so good with his brothers and he LOVES little girls, he's got a couple favorites, and he's pretty sure he knows who he's going to marry!
The first thing we did for Liam's birthday was have a corn on the cob party. Nana and Papa brought corn in from Canada..... I love Taber corn! Liam, Ezra, and Mo shucked corn and Nana cooked it. Mommy cleaned up. Why do we clean before parties anyways? The house looked worse after everyone left than it did before I cleaned it! A couple of Liam's friends came over with their moms, we ate corn and then they left, opened some presents and then they left. We decided to save the cake for Chuck E. Cheese's later on in the day.After the corn party the boys took a nap, and when they woke up we drove in to Vegas to visit Chuck E. Cheese! The party was so fun. They let you bring your own cake and then Chuck comes out and sings with your family to the birthday guest! Each game only costs one token, and they have some really good pizza/token packages. We were actually shocked at how good the pizza was, and we all enjoyed our house. Plus, Chuck is so cute, how can you go wrong? We did a toy in a cake this year. It's a Star Wars Transformer. They are pretty cute. If I knew what the ship was called I'd tell you, but basically it's a star ship and Luke Skywalker. Too fun.Cheyanne spent some of her tokens on these cute pictures. While we were there Mo was running around (like kids do at Chuck E. Cheese) and he ran right into a table that one of the employees was cleaning behind. He got a big fat lip and he was bleeding all over. It scared the poop out of me, but he turned out to be okay.

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