Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beach Trip

Nana and Papa decided to take us to the beach for part of Liam's birthday celebrations. It was so fun seeing my cousins and my Auntie Cathy. We had a blast at the beach. We all got seriously sunburned, but that's all just part of the fun! We set up this cute little tent on the beach for Obi and Cesar. Obi loved it, and Cesar wanted nothing to do with it if Obi was in it, so Obi got more use out of it.I love having my Mom at the beach with me because she is so awesome about letting Bill and I get a little alone time... well, not really alone time, but we at least get to go play in the water for a bit. This time was no exception... thanks Mommy!Mo was so cute with his little hat and Batman chair! Bill and the boys dug a huge hole for Logan and he sat in it. Then they built him some fake legs... which the boys decided to dig out, only to find that his legs were missing (he's really sitting cross-legged). Ezra probably got the most burned out of all the kids because he wouldn't put his shirt back on. I think he somehow missed the second application of sunscreen too! He found this really cute girl and was teaching her all about sand toys and crabs (can you imagine that? My land locked son was teaching an older California girl about the beach?)

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  1. How fun. That is such a good idea to bring a small tent. I don't think I would have thought about that.