Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cardston: Tillacks House

My parents and grandparents were so awesome this trip! They let us borrow their RV's and they provided with all camping essentials. Because of them, our campsite rocked!!! On the first night at their house, we stayed in the RV's in the yard and my Mom made all sorts of awesome food. My mom decided to take all the boys for a little ride in her convertible and thought it might be to full with Cesar, the dog, so she handed him to me stating "there's no room for the chihuahua!" (She had 7 kids in the car with her...)Right after they took off I set the dog down and this is what happened:Ooops! Sorry Mom! She had to open her door, let him in and bring him back, she gave me strict instructions on not letting him go, and so I held a squirmy psycho-dog until she returned, he sure loves her!
On our way back to the states we stayed at my parents one more night to visit and drop off the trailer. Papa decided to give all the boys a ride on the motorcycle (much to Mommy's dismay). They all want to be Bikers, just like papa (much to Daddy's dismay!)While the boys were riding Papa's bike my grandparents showed up to visit for a bit. It was so good to see them! I love them so much. My Husband is so awesome. He drove most of the trip home, I guess all the late night campfires with cousins and marshmallows finally caught up to me, because on my turn to drive I had to pull over and take a nap with everyone else!!! Bill was such a trooper and he, without even complaining just took over and drove the rest of the way home! Thanks Hubbalicious.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time up here.

    That bike is so comfy! Many memories of rides on that Honda. Glad to see you Dad is enjoying it so much. I remembe the day that Dad bought it.