Sunday, August 16, 2009

Foam Insulation

As General Manager of PCC Construction a portion of my husbands responsibilities include supervising a foam insulation company. I had the opportunity to hang out and talk to some of Bill's employees, and they seemed really nice, and they loved working with Bill. He brought his team of guys over to foam our home one day and I got some pictures, I thought I'd post, just because girls should share a good thing... *cough*... Cheyanne was here while the foamers were here, and she was outside with them the whole time.... I think you'll see why in a moment. This is Micah, one of the foamers that has been around the longest, he had a lot of fun with us. We taught him how to roast hot dogs over an open fire and we cooked him his first tinfoil dinner. I tried to get a good picture of him but he kept looking away, this is what I came up with.... good one Micah.Mike and TR from Vegas. Foamin' it up!!! Bill says that is gets really hot in the foam suits so the guys usually wear only their undies underneath, the only reason Mike had his pants on was for modesty! So ladies... who wants foam?

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  1. OW OW!!! haha good times good times!!! haha i miss it down there a whole lot!! love you sis!! i'm glad you posted these!!!