Monday, July 13, 2009


Well, we took our FREEcation to Primm, NV. We had a complete blast. Lots of free food, and free nights. Free rides and swimming. We didn't even use all of our free stuff, there was so much! Plus, we had some extra suprises.Vanessa brought her 3 youngest boys, Rudy was in Utah at the time. I brought my four, and we met our friend Aime there, who brought her 4 boys plus a friend (also a boy) so we had a lot of boy power! It must have been hilarious to see us all together. On our second day there my parents showed up to suprise us! We were definatly suprised! Cheyanne convinced Vanessa and I to go on the desperato with her (a really huge, scary roller coaster) and I convinced my Dad that he should join us. I thought Vanessa was going to pass into the next life before it ended, she was so not happy! When the roller coaster ended we were all staggering down the stairs to the main floor when my Dad started yelling about his cell phone, he ran back to the car and looked inside it, but we all knew it was hopeless. Then a lady that was a couple of cars back came up and told us about a little black object that went flying by her face. Yup, that would be the cell phone. Needless to say, we still haven't found it, as it is probably in 3428 peices underneath the coaster. A cell phone just doesn't survive a 248 foot drop without shattering. Primm has a couple of rides, but other than the roller coaster, which we did only once, we only rode the log ride.We took the tram over to the mall but boys did not nap, and then right before dinner as we were checking out the mall Mo fell asleep. That night everyone went right to sleep except for him. He just played (noisely) in his bed with the toys that they got at McDonalds. After he fell asleep the boys did not sleep soundlessly, they were all over the place (I woke up to use the bathroom and found them like this). By the end of the night they all ended up in my bed, and Cheyanne had vacated to their bed... all alone! Obi was an angel the whole trip, as usual!

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