Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HOPE Project

Bill and I decided to do the Disney Give a Day, Get a Day program, where you give a day of service at a selected charity and then Disney sends you tickets. The project we chose was in our own town and it was actually really fun. Not what you'd expect for a service project! We colored medalions that they are going to hang on peoples front doors as a message of hope. Then we drew pictures about why it's bad to smoke. Bill did a drunk driving simulator and then we got to go home. 2 hours of playing. It was very cold outside, but we're so glad we went. Our plan is to do one service project (at least) per month for this whole year! (not for tickets... you can only do that once, just so we can build some good character in our kids!)
Bill and Kym's Medallions:
Liam and Ezra's Medallions:
Drunk Driving Simulator:
Here is the link so you can sign up for your own Disney service project. Click it and follow the directions. Good luck!!!


  1. What a great idea to do a family project once a month. Miss you guys. Kristy albers