Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween

The Ward Halloween Party

Obi and Georgia, the other Princess Leia.

Han Solo and Obi Won Kanobi

Princess Leia's.

Me teaching the boys to stretch. Their noses are touching their toes. I can not do that!

Cheyanne and Mo

Yummy pumpkin guts for Daddy and Oba.


Looking at pumpkins.

Snow on them the next morning.

Happy Halloween Pancakes.

Halloween was amazing. We went out to Leavitt and did my old route. Beth Cahoon made her amazing popcorn balls, which I cannot stop eating. It was good to see everyone and I wish we could have been out there longer. We came into Cardston and did some of our ward boundaries. The boys had a blast and so did Bill and I.
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  1. Your family looked amazing. You've got talent girl!