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A parable is a story told that is full of doctrine and principles, but they are hidden in the story. Divine truth is presented by comparison with material things. The hearer can find the religious truth in proportion to their faith and intelligence.

Following are a few questions that can be answered by parables.

What describes the future growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?
o   parable of the leaven (Matthew 13:33)
o   In Matt. 13:33 leaven is compared to the inward growth and influence of the kingdom of heaven (church) upon the earth. (Bible dictionary)
o   Topical Guide – Leaven is the church.
o  Emma, one of my classmates, said the Mustard Seed was another parable that fit for this question.

Why does the Church send out so many missionaries?
o   parables of the tares Matthew 13: 24-30)
o   D&C 88: 94 And another angel shall sound his trump, saying: That great church, the mother of abominations, that made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, that persecuteth the saints of God, that shed their blood—she who sitteth upon many waters, and upon the islands of the sea—behold, she is the tares of the earth; she is bound in bundles; her bands are made strong, no man can loose them; therefore, she is ready to be burned. And he shall sound his trump both long and loud, and all nations shall hear it.
o   The church is sending out missionaries (wheat) to strengthen the other members against the tares of the world.
o   D&C 101:65 Therefore, I must gather together my people, according to the parable of the wheat and the tares, that the wheat may be secured in the garners to possess eternal life, and be crowned with celestial glory, when I shall come in the kingdom of my Father to reward every man according as his work shall be;
o   Emma said the Gospel Net was a good fit for this question as well. "I think that this can be answered with the parable of the gospel net. The missionaries have been sent out to gather many people from all different places and backgrounds and only some of them are going to receive the gospel and stay."

How do you explain the remarkable growth of the Church, considering that it is fairly new compared to most world religions and started small in the American frontier?
o   Parable of the mustard seed (Matthew 13:31-32)
o   The birds that “lodge in the branches” (Matt. 13:31; Mark 4:32; Luke 13:19) frequent the plant for the sake of the seeds. (Bible Dictionary)
o   In the New Testament Manual it says “The fowls are the angels. Thus angels come down, combine together to gather their children, and gather them.” (Smith, Teachings, p. 159)
o   In the New Testament Manual it says “So the seed of truth is vital, living, and capable of such development as to furnish spiritual food and shelter to all who come seeking… The plant at maturity produces seed in abundance, and so from a single grain a whole field may be covered.” (Talmage, Jesus the Christ, p. 291).
Why are some members of the Church willing to sacrifice so much worldly wealth and recognition in order to maintain membership in the Church?
o   Parable of the treasure and the pearl of great price (Matt 13:44-46)
o   Treasure = Church (topical guide)
o   When the church was first established, Joseph Smith was searching for a “pearl of great price” or a religion that was correct, and when he found it, he devoted his whole self to it, even unto death. Because it is such a treasure to have in our lives what a blessing it is to be directed by living prophets and apostles. I can see how it would be hard to be a convert and the things you would have to give up. Being a member my whole life, it is hard to understand what it must be like for those people.

Why do some Church members choose to leave the Church?
o   Parable of the gospel net (Matthew 13:47-50)
o   Church = Net (topical guide)
o   The church brings in as many members as it can, but some are not strong enough to do what is necessary to remain in the church.

Considering the parables of the treasure and the pearl of great price (see Matthew 13:44-46), what sacrifices would you be willing to make to obtain the treasure of the gospel? What sacrifices have you or those you know already made for the gospel?
Like the man who sold everything to buy the pearl of great price, I would give everything for the gospel. Without the gospel I would be nothing, I would have nothing. I give everything back to God.

We have sacrificed the “fun” ways of the world. We have sacrificed “popularity”. Our ancestors sacrificed their homes and worldly possessions to travel across the planes to Zion, even family members were left along the way. Although we sacrifice much, it is very worth it, for the rewards in Heaven are greater than those on earth.

What does the net represent in the parable of the net cast into the sea? (See Matthew 13:47). What does it mean to be gathered into the net? What is represented by the action of gathering the good into vessels and casting the bad away? (See Matthew 13:48-50).

I believe the net is the Lord’s Church, and then His Kingdom. Being gathered into the net is joining the church. Not everyone who joins the Lord’s church will make it into the Highest Kingdom, we must really be disciples of Christ and follow his commandments to be welcomed there.

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