Saturday, March 28, 2015


Choice 2: 2 Peter 2. Teaching
1.       Read 2 Peter 2:1–19. Record the characteristics of false teachers described by Peter. Explain in writing how your list helps you recognize false teachers today.
·         Bring others down with them
·         Deny the Lord
·         Stick to it
·         Covetousness
·         Liars
·         Walk in darkness
·         Sexually immoral
·         Hate government
·         presumptuous
·         self-willed
·         evil speaking
·         adulterous
·         sinners
·         forsaken right
·         gone astray
As I was writing this list I started to see some similarities with these false teachers and with people I know who have left the church and are trying to pull others along with them. I still stand by what I have said about being grateful for prophets who direct us to the right paths.
2.       Read 2 Peter 2:20–22; Doctrine and Covenants 82:3, 7. In your own words, write a few sentences describing the dangers of returning to the “pollutions of the world.”
Those who would never follow doctrines are better off never knowing them. Once we have learned and embraced doctrines, repented of sin and then gone back to sin and ignoring doctrine we will be held accountable. Our fall will be much worse than it was. Knowing more will bring us greater punishment if we leave the path. After being forgiven if we just brush that away and return to sin it’s like we haven’t repented.

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