Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Baby Ellie is here!

Announcement, Announcement, Announcement!!!
It got to be Ellie's due date and I still didn't have a belly picture, so we got all dolled up...
This is Ellie on her due date. I usually have my babies a few days early, but Ellie decided to come on her own schedule.
 Ellie was born an hour and a half after her due date ended. By the way, she would have been born on Bill's birthday if she had come when she was supposed to. That was not her plan. 
(Happy Birthday Daddy! We all love you!)

 Ellie decided that Obi's birthday's are much more exciting and she wants to be a part of that day FOR SURE! She urges you to look at the difference between birthday desert choices. She votes ice cream cake, not pies!
 Ellie is our only baby born with HAIR, and dark brown hair to boot. Isn't she a chunky doll?
Jedi has decided that THIS baby is HIS baby. He loves her, he kisses her, he pets her, he doesn't want to put her down. Today when he was holding her Liam touched her hair to show Jedi how soft it was. Jedi glared at him and said, "Don't touch her again Liam!"
We are all stoked to have this little angel in our lives. She is a dream baby.

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