Saturday, July 19, 2008

God Bless the USA

Well, I think I'm finally getting the whole morning sickness thing under control, and I feel like I can do a post or two today, so here is our long outdated Fourth of July post.

We started off the day with the parade, which was nothing spectacular, but fun for the boys anyway.

We spent the afternoon at home, and then around 6:00 we decided to go out for dinner at a little Thai restaurant by our home. It was the best food I'd had my whole pregnancy and I was quite happy about it. After that we headed over to the Park for the firework display. We sat right beside the "Monster Truck" and got some great pictures of it and with it. We thoroughly enjoyed it until the owner decided to start it up and rev the engines right after the fireworks, permanently damaging every ones eardrums.

We brought glow sticks for the boys, thinking that they would love them, but Mo hated his with a passion. We made him wear it though, because he kept running off to look at this really cute baby that was in front of us, and we needed something bright to identify him.

Grandma bought the boys all lizard and snake puppets that were so cute. They played with them all night, and our boys still have and love theirs.

The fireworks show was probably the best I've ever seen. The newspaper here summed it up best when they described the finally as "the closest thing to a second sun in the darkened sky." It was spectacular and breathtaking. I watched back the video of the last minute of the show that I took on my camera, and it actually brought tears to my eyes, again.... give me a break, I'm pregnant. Somehow Mo fell asleep during the fireworks, which was darling, but was rudely awakened when Mr. Monster Truck decided to show off.

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  1. oh that pic of Mo looks so cute, and those lizard/snake puppets look like a lot of fun. I'm glad you're feeling better with your pregnancy!