Thursday, November 6, 2008


Thankyou Vanessa, so much for posting your Halloween, and Dorothy's dress so I could steal the picture and throw it on my blog.

This is Kelly, our Dorothy for Halloween. Doesn't she look awesome?


  1. Dear Kym
    We have never met but I feel as if I know you really well because of your great blog. I am so glad that Bill found you!!! So what is the deal with all of these boys, I went to your sister-is-laws blog and saw that she has four boys as well, WOW! I just wanted to comment on the name situation. I like to name my children after great people as well and I have to say that Atticus is an incredible choice! I am assuming that the name is from "To Kill a Mockingbird" is that right? If so there are several similarities between Atticus Finch and Benjamin Franklin, they were both very good diplomats and had hidden talents. So that is my opinion since you asked for it:) Good luck with your pregnancy, where are you having your baby, will you go to Vegas?