Friday, November 7, 2008

ouch, Ouch, OUCH!!!

So, my kids are having an incredibly accident prone day today. Thought I'd share.
First of all, I wake up this morning to all three of my children jumping on my head, then Ezra decides to swing on the bed post, slips off, and lands on.... his face. Come on, this is Ezra after all, he does it right every time. By the way, Ezra also has a black eye on the other side of his face, and we have no idea where it came from! Yesterday I noticed it when I was putting him down for a nap, when I asked him about it he told me a rock punched him in the eye. (siiiiiggh)

Later in the day Daddy joined us for a quick lunch. When Liam saw Dad's root beer he remembered that he had one on the picnic table outside. He ran out to get it, and Bill cautioned him to blow in it first to make sure there were no bees. Uh-oh, right? So Liam blows in it, nothing happens and he take a big swallow, followed by a big scream, and "I blew in it, but it still got me!" Sure enough he got stung by a bee, right on the lip. We told him the story of when I got stung by a wasp inside my mouth, and the story of Larry's friend Oscar from veggie tales. Click the previous link to see Larry's story. Liam was very brave, and he pointed out that he is always brave, and mentioned the time he had to get his chin doctored up by Mom and Dad. When Liam was telling his Nana about the bee later he explained that the reason the bee bit him is he bit the bee first! He said "I was taking a drink and then I crunched this bee with my teeth and he stung me!" Eeeeeeeeewww!

A little later in the day Mo decided to climb up the back of a dining room chair, which of course tipped over and landed right on his forehead. You can't really see his bump, but it's right above his left eye. Poor Mo! As I was writing this Ezra knocked over the chair Mo was sitting on, throwing Mo across the room... no bumps yet, but I think we need to invest in a padded play room!


  1. haha! boys will be boys huh! poor kids. i remember my brother was one accident after another. i think he had stitches 10 times before he was 10. poor kid. your boys are the cutest!