Friday, February 19, 2010

Disneyland - February 2010

I tried to have a Disney cast member take this picture, but instead it just recorded, so I thought I'd post it. Maybe it's cuter than a regular old pose anyway?
When we got to California it was POURING with rain. We were supposed to have a hot dog roast on the beach. Instead we spent about 10 minutes rolling up our pants and taking of our shoes, 2 minutes running to the beach and about 4 minutes of actually beach time freezing to death. We dipped our feet in the water and ran for our lives!
Our hotel was very close to Disneyland so we got to see people coming back after their Disney day. They were miserable! Plastic bags and rain coats covering strollers filled with very grumpy babies. Drenched hair-dos and souvenirs. Miserable. We were very worried about our Disney day, which was the next day, as the forecast was for rain. When we woke up Disney day morning we were happy to see cloudless skies and a bright sunny sun! The day was absolutely perfect! There were no lines, there was no rain! We walked on every ride! our longest wait was 15
minutes, you can't beat that!

To see Vanessa's (better) pictures click here.

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