Friday, February 19, 2010

Gingerbread Houses and Cup Cakes

Our friends the Jensen's picked up some after the Holiday Gingerbread houses for super cheap. They bought enough for 12 people to have their own. Liam, Ezra, Mo, BraeLynn, Aurouya, Keilani, Tesla, Zzyzx, Andy and Mickey got to take advantage of this. It was super fun. *Dear Jensen girls, I am very very VERY sorry if I spelled your names wrong, love Kym*.

My good friend Cambria recently got a book about making cupcakes awesome, this is one of them. I know, it's crazy good isn't it?
She's the one who made Mosiah's birthday cake this year, so obviously she had skills before the cupcake book! Here is my cupcake that I made. Good comparison, don't you think?

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