Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Anniversary Love!

Happy Anniversary Bill. I just want you to know how much I love you and how incredible you are to me, the boys, our families, our community, and every one we know. Here are some things I love about you...
  • You are the perfect husband for me... and probably any woman, but keep that to yourself, I don't share well.
  • You are an incredible father. The boys love and respect you. They want to be just like you and try to imitate everything you do, including telling me that I am beautiful every day, which of course makes me, again, the happiest wife and mommy there is.
  • You are quick to resolve problems, whether they be tiny issues like spilled milk, or bigger things like our boys duking it out. You never let me go to bed angry, and your policy of holding hands and being stuck together until issues are resolved work amazingly.
  • You are so thoughtful! I am always shocked that somehow when I am in labor I look up and there are a dozen roses sitting right where my focal point is. How do you even find time to get those flowers? Incredible!
  • You are so good at balancing play time with the boys and work time so that everything gets done, including the love that needs to be shared.
  • The love that you have for your siblings... and mine, is so incredible. I hope that they know how much you love them, I hope they can feel it. I know they can!
  • The love and respect you show to your mother is perfect. She knows that she can count on you to not let her down. What you did for her this last month has been incredible! She had such a big move to make, from NV to UT! You helped her go through everything, held a huge garage sale, helped her make the money she needed plus some, packed up her truck and got her safely on her way. I know that she is grateful and so am I!
  • You are such an amazing teacher, to our children, to me, and to the kids in the community that you teach early in the morning.
  • Young adults look up to you and respect you. I have seen many kids change bad behaviors because of your positive influence on them. One student that stands out in my mind is Abigail. When you met her she was in such a bad place, and then through some mentoring and your incredible voice instructor capabilities she transformed from a sad lonely caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly! Thanks for teaching everybody you come in contact with how to stretch their wings!
  • I appreciate the help you give me around the house. You are quick to make meals when I just need a couple of minutes to put my feet up. You are one of the only dads I know that not only changes diapers, but puts the soiled ones in the right garbage can and doesn't even complain!
  • Your ability to make any situation into a learning opportunity for the boys is so incredible to me!
  • I love that when someone calls you up for help in our neighborhood, or even anywhere in town, that you will drop everything and run to their aid!
  • What a good example you are to everyone! I hope to be just like you when I grow up!!! Okay, you're not that old, but I still like to tease you!
Thank you Bill. You are incredible. You are spiritual. You are sexy. You are perfect. I love you.


  1. This is a beautiful picture. And Bill, you're kind of cute too!