Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Slammin' September

We watched the Jensen kids a lot this month in preperation for their new little one to arrive. Because we had other kids here it was hard to stick with our sleep schedule so I saw a lot of this going on...
Mo sleeping on the NOT reclined recliner.
Obi during our garage sale:Tesla and Mo "watching" a movie:
Obi catching flies:
Venesha and I were given car seats from our awesome friend Crystal. We can't wait until we have our babies to put in them... however the "big" brothers can! They think they got new toys! After I brought the car seats home I hid them in the laundry room, turned off the lights and shut the doors. A couple of minutes later I heard Obi saying to Zzyzx, "night night", so I went in there and... here they are!
We went to the pool on the last day it was open. Usually there are a billion people there, but this time it was pretty quiet. It was nice to swim even though the water was chilly. I found a way to float with this big ol' belly of mine without drowning too, so now I can't wait until next summer!!! Pool noodles rock!
Liam where he feels most comfortable... the water! He is an excellent swimmer.
Ezra my dare devil son after learning to swim all summer.
Mosiah and Obadiah warming up.
This is Obi and his friend Shallon Severts at the park. She is Mo's age and he saw her hanging on this rail and decided he could be a big boy like her. Crazy boys!
I tried to let the boys all sleep together. As you can see Obi is not so keen on the sleeping part of bed time. This lasted about 5 minutes and then Obi went back to his crib.
Welcome baby Motega!!! (here he is with his big brother and his Mommy)

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