Saturday, August 14, 2010

Awesome August

The best part of the month so far was when we went to Vegas to visit Grandma and Bill pulled out the stroller which had my camera just sitting there waiting for us to find it!!!

We all went to the splash pad with Grandma, where she bought us all delicious ice cream and then she watched Obi while Bill and I took the boys to Despicable Me. It was cute, but not as good as I thought it would be. Most of the funny stuff was in the previews.
Dang Girl!!! (Sorry husband, I had to... you know I love you right?)
Fat Lip
Eating dinner with my children is never boring, especially when McDonalds is involved.
Mo's ears are sticking through the holes in the sides of the box that you punch stuff out of.Mo the cyborg:


  1. Kym, so are you having a girl? I was just thinking of you guys since I'm getting ready to have my baby in about 3 weeks. Hope all is well with your pregnancy.


  2. We are having another boy Martha! But we are super duper excited! I can't wait to see your new little one!