Saturday, August 14, 2010

Juicy July

I ended up using my video camera for big events in July, we had a few, so I've got some decent pictures. One of my favorites... Oreo Mustaches at the park!
We visited Grandma and had a dancing party at her house!
The boys all had dentist appointments this month, just check ups, where we found out they all need a little bit of work done. We did it and they are all fixed up and looking great! Obi is to little to go, and because we messed up the other kids teeth so bad we've been super careful with his, so he is good!
Due to babysitting and other things we missed a couple of naps. Mo fell asleep several times in different spots. He's one of those kids that can sleep anywhere if he puts his mind to it.
Venesha Jensen has a baby due a little before me and we watch her kids while she goes into Vegas for her Dr. appointments. One after noon I broke out the butcher paper and we did Monsters that we fought with water guns after. It was super fun. I ended up finding a point and click camera and put most of the pictures on there, but here's a picture of the poster on progress.
We did the usual for the fourth of July. Fireworks, Star blanket, glow sticks and glow bracelets. It was so fun!
Our nephew Taylor got his mission call to Washington and we went to Arizona for his farewell. It was so uplifting, and really good for our boys to have an awesome role model like him to look up too.
Bill got up really early one morning, like 5-ish and went to sit on the trampoline. He noticed the cat playing with what he thought was a fairly large lizard. He was intrigued and ended up getting up to take a peak. He was a little shocked when he found this! The biggest one either of us have ever seen was maybe 2 inches long. This one was even bigger before Bill killed it. I'm so glad I only saw it dead! Ewwww!

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