Friday, August 13, 2010

March Madness

It looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do. I lost my camera for 4 months, found it in my stroller. Fell off the blog roll for a while, but now I'm into my camera again, so I'm making a come back! Check out March!

For those of you who don't know we are expecting our 5th baby, which we have found out is a boy, on October 28th! Get out the baby name book!!!

A Carls Jr. opened up in P-town, and that happens to be my favorite fast food so of course we had to go to the grand opening! Free ballons and awesome food? Oh ya!

Arlene, Neil and Mattea came to visit early this year! On their first night here I took the girls to a cupcake class that my awesome friend Cambria is putting on for us girls here. For our first project we made goldfish bowls with those yummy goldfish crackers.
Bill and I went to a TJED homeschool conference in Utah and Arlene, Neil, and Mattea stayed with the boys while we were gone for two nights. The conference was life changing, literally. Bill and I met this awesome lady who did one of our classes on "self deception". She is truly incredible and about 10 minutes into her lecture I realized she was from my home town. I talked to her halfway through the day and it turns out she's in my parents ward. If you know Heather Burton then you probably love her too! Whats amazing about these conferences is that they are filled with people like this who you want to be just like! Among her, Kerri Tibbets, Jodi Palmer and Nicholeen Peck you just have to be uplifted!!! We are so greatful to Neil, Arlene, and Mattea for watching our kids and giving us the opportunity to attend this wonderful event!
We went bowling. The kids always love bowling, Liam is so competitive and gets a little upset
when someone else wins, but we're working on it. He did pretty good this time when Ezra won.

Obi hanging out with Grandma Arlene while the others kids bowl:
Mosiah and Daddy:
Mattea:Me:Gotta love this cute face! :
Liam giving it his all:Ezra:
We visited the cactus gardens and the Ethel M Chocolate factory too! If you live in or near Vegas it's one of those free things that you should absolutely check out. They give you free chocolate samples and when you're done the cactus garden is gorgeous and has a bunch of paved paths, good for new walkers like Obi!

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