Saturday, August 14, 2010

April Adventures

April was full of fun for everyone! Easter, birthday parties, road trips, turtles, camping in the snow, perma-dirt and rats nests!

My birthday was on Easter this year, and it also was General Conference for our church. Bill and the boys picked out these gorgeous flowers for me. I think the white one was an Easter Lily... I could be wrong. And the roses were beautiful! The house smelled so good for so long!My parents ended up coming out for my birthday and they got to witness the opening of my 87 gifts. The boys decided to get me all camping stuff (which might sound weird for most girls, but I LOVE camping). I got everything one might need for a camping trip including the hugest tent I've ever seen. It will fit 2 airbeds plus some! AND, it has a closet for storing luggage!
After gifts we went outside and dyed Easter eggs and played on the trampolines. Yes, we have three trampolines now! Now that is fun for boys!

Then we had our Easter Egg hunt. It turns out Obi really likes chocolate!!! After the egg hunt we all went in and had ice cream cake from DQ, my favorite!!!! Thanks honey!

Our friend Lonnon Jensen celebrated his 30th birthday and we made sure to get him a really grown up type cake with Transformers on it! Happy birthday Lonnon! Obi was really sick at the party and had this face on the whole time. He didn't even eat cake! Poor baby!We went on a drive halfway up the mountain to see if this road led to the campsites we thought it did and found this little guy on the road. We took him home, gave him a bath and some food, and then took him back to his home the next morning. The boys named him Shelly. I know, my kids are all impressive with their original names!

Grandma celebrated her 60th birthday and we took her out to Arizona to visit Kym and Adam Woods family (Bill's sister). We all made a book of letters and pictures from all her sisters, children, and grandchildren, along with some friends. Kym made an incredible cheesecake, sugar free, for Mom and it was delicious, as Spencer will tell you!

Mosiah was so exhausted after our couple of days in Arizona. He ended up crashing at the Olive Garden where we stopped to eat in Vegas before heading home.
On our way home from Arizona we stopped to gas up our car and found this little guy hanging out in the field beside the gas station. We took him home and ended up giving him to my parents as an anniversary present. They took him home after they went to a huge concert in California with Cheyanne. Some sort of country concert that was apparently awesome! They have a chihuahua named Ceasar, so then named this guy Agustus... Gus for short. He is an angel and they love him to bits!

My second cupcake class! Because I was the first to arrived last class in March I got to pick our project for this class. After I picked the cute panda bear cupcakes Cambria banned everyone from picking the projects because they where a little harder then expected! Well, I think mine turned out kinda cute! These classes are super fun!
Note: This is the point where I lost my camera, so for the next couple of posts and the pictures after this part are all either from my cell phone or our video camera! If only I had used our stroller!!!

We finally got around to our camping trip at the end of April. The weather forecast, I admit, was not so pretty with possible wind storms in P-town. We just figured we'd be sheltered from the wind up on the mountain. Boy, where we in for a suprise! When we reached our destination it was already super windy and setting up the tent turned out to be a major event, but when it was finally up we enjoyed a nice campfire dinner and some delicious donuts and marshmallows. We didn't take Obi's portable crib, and we won't forget it again, he crawled everywhere when we were trying to go to sleep. After he went to sleep it was tollerable. There was a lot of waking up and covering him back up. He just won't keep those blankets on! The second day was fun with hikes and new adventures. The moon was full at night so we even had a moonlit hike, which lasted about 3 minutes because the kids were scared that I couldn't protect them from monsters... so I took them back to camp and they begged Daddy to take them. They were gone that time for about 20 minutes! Ah, kids, great for the self esteem! That night was cold... really cold. And about halfway through the night I was awakened by a soft brushing sound on our tent. I lay there with my heart pounding wondering what it could possibly be, then I started to see intricate patterns on the top of the tent. One of the kids kicked the tent in his sleep and the patterns floated away, that was when I realized it was snowing. After that it was a terribly long night. When I got out of the tent all I wanted to do was get off that mountain, but Bill decided we needed to have breakfast first. While I made breakfast he went to warm up the car and discovered that the battery was dead! After we ate Bill and Liam took a paper plate, wrote "help we are stranded" and hiked out to the entry way of the campsite. They used duct tape to hang it across the road way. A car would have to break through it to get by. We then tried stacking 8 batteries on top of each other and connecting them with the jumper cables to our car battery... ya, that doesn't work! We ended up being stranded there for another night as we happened to be the only ones stupid enough to camp in the snow. The last night was the coldest ever and I prayed all night that we wouldn't all die of frost bite. I woke up to the sweet sound of a really loud truck. Bill was already outside and had the jumper cables set up so our life saver started our car up pretty easily. It was a guy with his girlfriend and their dog on a little hunting trip. Thank goodness for them! I have never seen anyone pack up a campsite as quickly as we did... in the mud. We all had perma-dirt on our hands and faces and necks for about a week, and for some reason I thought I didn't really need to brush my hair while we were up there, but somehow we are still here to tell the story!

Obi's perma-dirt:
My gorgeous hair: (I know, what was I thinking!?!?)Perma-dirt hands:

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  1. WOW!! I do not even know where to start!

    Yay to finding your camera.
    Too bad you lost the passports and couldn't make it up to the reunion (your mom told us in Relief Society).
    That is a Crappy, nutty camping trip. I hope your next one is better.
    Those are some pretty Birthday roses.
    Sounds like you have had a full spring/summer. Hope it goes relaxingly well this fall so you can recouperate.