Saturday, August 14, 2010

June Journeys

I feel cheesy with my blog titles lately, but whatever. Just deal! Again, due to lack of pictures this is a pretty short post. I don't have my cupcake pictures from this month, we did mini pies made out of icing and m'n'm's! So cute, Cambria says she'll get me a pic eventually!

After bath time one day Mo wanted a Mo hawk. I told him if he got one everyone would call him Mo-Mo Mohawk. He thought that was hilarious.
This month I decided to do a little... okay, a lot of late spring cleaning. I went through each room and got rid of so much stuff. Prepare for the hugest garage sale in history coming up the first week in September. My house is now almost clutter free. I am super excited. While I was working on the boys room, which took over a week (I was disgusted with how many toys we had) I had them all nap in my bed. For some reason they have never ever napped so good. So if you ever need your kids to nap, throw em in your room, leave the door open and "poof" off to dream land they go!
After I finished de-junking the living room, and hallway I hired a carpet cleaner to come through. While he was here Obi fell off the bed in the boys room and smashed his face on something, I have no clue what. Lots of blood later he seemed okay. We probably should have stitched it up, like the say, hind site is 20/20, but we didn't and now he's got a pretty decent scar. Poor kid. Oh well, I guess chicks dig scars.
Hammy the Hamster and Lobstery the Lobster also died (I told you my kids had original names, the lobster was really a crawdad, but don't tell Ezra), so we went and picked out a little mouse, they wanted to name him Mousey, with the code name 626, so I told them that Stitch's name from Lilo and Stitch was 626, so they changed his name to Stitch. Later I realized I've had a cat named Stitch, so I guess I'm not so original with the names either!
I've always wanted to learn to french braid my own hair, and after my camping hair fiasco I decided to just give it a try. These are my first attempts.

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