Saturday, September 10, 2011

Liam's first cub activity: Mothers and Sons!

What an insanely gorgeous, amazing day! The weather was perfect, the lake was like glass!
Liam and I started out with archery, and then when there were to many kids to teach effectively we volunteered to be in the first capture the flag group. My genious idea was to play Mom's against son's... bad idea. They beat us hard, and they did it without breaking a sweat. Us mom's were exhausted, sweaty and beat up!

After getting beat up we got our turn with the bows and arrows. We both did pretty good! We couldn't even hit the giant hay bail when we started, and when we were done we were hitting the target paper, and I even popped a balloon that we nailed up!
Next we got to row a canoe. Notice the water behind us is kind of choppy? Well, it was flat when we started, the wind picked up, going the wrong direction, when we started coming back to shore. It took super long, that wind was brutal!!! But we did it, we were so proud of us!

One of the mom's lost her keys and we had a big prayer and search to find them. I was so impressed with our group! As soon as we found the keys we all bowed our heads and said a prayer of thanks!

I was touched spiritually several times this day, and I was so happy to spend a special day with my cub, Liam, that was just for him. I was thankful for the opportunity that I had to tell him that I knew that Heavenly Father loves us and that he sent his son Jesus, our Savior to die for us, so that we might live with him again.
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