Monday, December 26, 2011

Special Christmas

This Christmas was very special and amazing to me because it was at my Grandma and Grandpa Tillack's house. We did the old fashioned hay ride, we at all the delicious food, we all slept on the floor. We got our traditional Christmas Eve Pajama's and we had a grand time with our loved ones. 

Obi didn't make it through the whole hay ride. He did see Santa drive by in a red truck though!

Uncle Troy and Baby Saje.

Tough guys in their Batman Jammies!

All Nana wanted for Christmas was..... Hyrum?

I went in to take a picture of the boys sleeping on the kitchen floor and I noticed that poor Troy was sleeping sitting up! It took hours to get the kids to sleep. We had Papa tell them a Hubba and Bubba story, but it went on for hours.... and then we found out that it was scary! I guess there is something to that Christmas song with the lyrics "We'll tell scary stories....." and something. I think it's the one that goes "It's the most wonderful time of the year". Anyways, I don't think Troy slept so well.

Even though it looks like Hyrum is asleep in this picture, he was NOT! He was up crying most of the night. He does not do well out of his own bed, especially when Mommy is so close. He can smell me! *sigh* Everyone will sleep better in their own beds tonight, but it was still great!

Santa ate all his snacks!

Amazing Christmas Dinner! I think I ate a while bowl full of sweet potatoes!

Uncle Calvin with a snowman hat!
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