Friday, December 23, 2011

Utah Trip/Kayla's Wedding

This piture was taken in Montana. It was so ridiculously beautiful and SO COLD!
We made it to Grandma's house (barely)! We had some car trouble and had to get towed. Luckily we have AMA (which is like AAA). The tow truck was only aloud to tow us a certain amount of miles before he started charging us, it turns out that Mom's house was exactly two miles under the "charging point". We felt so blessed to break down where we did. John Caple was amazing and helped Bill fix the van, although it took a looooooooong time!

Uncle Richard took us to a mall to look at the amazing Christmas lights!

This was taken at Kayla's reception.

At the Mount Timpanogas Temple.

Bill's beautiful mother and sisters.

We took the Polar Express with Clint and April Knapp. It was pretty cool, BUT.....

...Obi cried for at least half of the way there. He was almost better and then they gave him the "wrong cookie". I think this adorable little boy has a slight case of OCD. In the end he was okay with the hot chocolate and the cool visit from Santa who gave all of the kids a bell.
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